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  • Wedding Planning Rule Number One by EMS DJ a Fort Wayne DJ

    Fort Wayne wedding reception and fort wayne djRemember this #1 Rule when planning your Wedding…IT”S A CELEBRATION!! So, Don’t over think it. If you allow the planning of your wedding to stress you out or ruin the process, you don’t need to be having a wedding. Allow yourself to be in the moment, to enjoy the process, to leave behind the things you don’t need, to accept the things you cannot control or change, and to have fun! It’s Your Wedding, don’t allow relatives or friends to have too much influence, such that it takes away the “you” part of your wedding. You NEED a Venue, Food, Alcohol, Entertainment, a Minister/Rabbi/Officiant, Photographer, and some flowers…you should strongly consider a Month Of Coordinator, A creative designer/florist, a videographer, and a cake/dessert baker. Beyond that, there are things you might want, which will make the event more fun and memorable, but start with the things you know you need and get that part under control. If you’re a busy/highly successful person, you should hire someone (a Professional Wedding Planner) to help you design the decor and timelines and to help hire the vendors, but you probably already know that if you’re a highly successful person. Finally, the entertainment, (which we are biased about) is crucial to the “memorable” and “Fun” factor…choose wisely. If you’re one of our current or previous clients, hopefully you feel that you made the right choice! CELEBRATE, LOVE, DANCE, and LIVE Happily Ever After! Happy Planning friends!

    When planning the entertainment look towards EMS DJ a Fort Wayne wedding dj. We give you a Fort Wayne fun atmosphere, Fort Wayne wedding experience, and meet with your EMS DJ in person for you Fort Wayne dj wedding.

    Review Our Packages We have done over 100+ weddings a year in Fort Wayne. I (Eric Smith/Owner) understand that not every wedding in Fort Wayne is going to be the same or need the same as the previous couple. Jason, Clint, and myself have come together and put together some amazing packages that allow for EMS DJ to really stand out from the competition in Fort Wayne. As a Fort Wayne Dj for weddings we have come up with a 5 hour music package, unlimited hour package, and amazing extras for special packages. We do not hide our prices from you as we stand proud to tell you what we offer! Check out our Fort Wayne Dj wedding packages clicking here!.

    Meet with us Every Fort Wayne Dj has a great attribute about them. As you know if we were all the same life wouldn't be fun. We love sitting down with couples that have their wedding or event coming up in Fort Wayne, IN. Me (Eric), Jason, or Clint will sit down with you and discuss your wedding in detail. We will also show you what we do and how each of us interact with the crowd at your Fort Wayne Dj wedding. Call us today at (260) 460-7546 to set up a time and meet with 1 of us.

    Enjoy the evening We will meet 30 days before the event to receive all information down to the last minute for your Fort Wayne Dj wedding. We then call you a week before to confirm everything to make sure we are on the same page. As a Fort Wayne wedding dj we know attention to detail matters and want to make sure you feel at ease and ready to have fun at your Wedding Reception. If questions arise while planning call us at (260) 460-7546.

    We are EMS Disc Jockey a Fort Wayne, IN wedding Dj company

    We are a Fort Wayne, IN wedding DJ company that started in 2009. When you work with EMS DJ you will meet your Fort Wayne Dj which will be me (Eric Smith), Jason Flemming, or Clint Davis. We are a wedding team that do over 100+ weddings a year in Fort Wayne, IN, 30+ corporate and holiday parties in Fort Wayne, IN, and 40+ school dances (high school dance, middle school dance, and elementary school dance) in Fort Wayne, IN. You meet with your DJ to ensure we make the right fit with the client. At EMS DJ, a Fort Wayne DJ weddings we work with many vendors that are valued in the community and highly recognized! Set up your appointment for your wedding dj by contact EMS DJ at (260) 460-7546 or contacting us today. We look forward to being your Fort Wayne DJ! You can receive a quote today from EMS Disc Jockey a Fort Wayne, IN wedding disc jockey.

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