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  • 15 Questions to Ask Fort Wayne Wedding DJ

    DJs, with their music selection and announcements, truly set the tone at your reception, so make sure you set aside time to interview your prospective DJs (in person when possible). Listen (and watch) how your prospective DJ responds to the questions below. Then ask yourself if this person is a good fit (Is he likeable? Does she understand what you’re going for? Does he go above and beyond or just enough to get the job done?). You’ll know whether or not he/she sits well with you. Go with your gut. It’s better to do lots of interviews and find someone who you know will represent you well than to hire someone who you’re not completely comfortable with. Believe me, your guests won’t remember everything from your wedding, but they’ll remember the music (especially if it’s bad!).

    1. Soo.. why did you become a DJ?

      If your DJ has a passion for sharing music and loves creating fun dance moments, it’s likely that preparing for and creating those moments will be a top priority for him/her. If it’s not obvious that they put the music first, you might not be getting the type of expertise that you want. Anyone can buy equipment and say they’re a DJ company, but not everyone provides expert song selection and flow. Make sure they care about choosing music that fits you and your wedding before you sign the contract.

    2. What are your favorite wedding songs?

      You can learn a lot about DJs from their favorite wedding songs. Have you heard his/her favorite songs at every wedding you’ve attended? Are they mostly country while you’re mostly indie? If the songs they suggest aren’t your cup of tea, tell them…now. A pro DJ will go above and beyond to find songs that you’ll like and work well with your guests regardless of their own music preferences. It’s just that if you find a professional & experienced DJ whose favorite wedding songs are songs you’d want played at your own wedding, you’re one lucky duck!

    3. How many weddings have you DJed?

      How long have you been DJing? It’s ok if your DJ hasn’t done a hundred weddings, you just want to know that they’ve done at least 10 awesome weddings before and have every intention of doing many more. If they’ve done 100, that’s great. If they’ve been doing it since 1792, that’s.. well, that’s for you to decide. Doing at least 10 weddings gets the kinks out of setup issues and the general flow of weddings. Knowing this along with answers to the other questions can help you justify the price you’re willing to pay.

    4. Will you have any assistance at the wedding?

      Having an assistant or second DJ at your wedding is usually well worth the extra cost. Setup and breakdown of the heavy professional equipment is much quicker, guests requests are better accommodated, vendor cooperation is smoother, and you don’t have to worry about giving the DJs a restroom break (: Just make sure assistants are listed in the contract as well.

    5. What if you’re sick or unable to make it to my event?

      Accidents happen. Better safe than sorry.. Make sure you’re comfortable with your DJs contingency plan. Many will have backup DJs and a system in place for communicating your music preferences. Many won’t. This is something you want stated clearly in the contract.

    6. May I see photos of your setup?

      Unfortunately, every DJ setup was not created equally. Some have light-up panels (or facades) that they use to cover up their equipment. Others have compact podium-looking equipment. We’re not fans of either of these setups and you might not be either. Regardless, it’s a good idea to see photos of his/her DJ setup so you’re not surprised with flashing disco lights or a multi-colored DJ booth at your reception.

    7. What is your equipment malfunction backup plan?

      Will you have backup equipment onsite? I attended a wedding years ago where the DJ showed up as guests were arriving, couldn’t hook up his equipment to the venues’ speakers, and obviously had no backup plan. After a while, they hauled their stuff off and left. The bride was in tears, the guests ate without music on, and the reception was over very soon after. It’s crazy. I know. True story! I think it happened so that I would never forget the importance of backup equipment… ever.

    8. What is your wedding attire?

      Along with event attire, make sure to ask about what they’ll wear for setup. Setting up DJ equipment is a sweaty process that involves heavy equipment, so most DJs won’t be in formal attire during the setup process. Just make sure their attire meets your approval for early guest arrivals.

    9. Do you do ceremonies?

      You might have this covered by classical musicians, but if you’re holding your ceremony outdoors or at the your reception venue, you might still want a little help from your DJ. Extra speakers, microphones, and other equipment can usually be added to your DJ’s workload for less than the cost of renting. Many couples are breaking away from traditional ceremony music and using instrumental versions of their favorite songs.

    10. Are you insured?

      They should be able to email you a copy of their insurance certificate without much effort. Not all venues require it, but it’s nice to know if your DJ company is investing in the health and longevity of their business and ultimately, their service to you.

    11. Can you walk me through your service contract?

      You’ll want to look it over together, ask about anything you don’t understand, and go over extra fees like overtime or setup charges to make sure you know exactly what to expect.

    12. How will you handle guest song requests?

      Make sure they are willing to match guest requests up to your “Do Not Play” list and general music preferences. Also, pro DJs have thousands of songs in their digital libraries and don’t need to lug around CD cases. If you’d like for guests to get in on the action before your big dance party, ask them to request songs in advance through your wedding website or your DJ’s website. Many DJs allow guests to make requests online in advance through a wedding specific link they provide to their couples.

    13. What’s your mic style?

      Can you give me an example of how you would introduce us at the reception? This is a simple way to get a feel for his/her mic style. The DJ should ask you questions about you and your wedding to get a feel for the formality and tone of your wedding, because his/her tone should of course fit your event. We generally like DJs to sound like their best selves talking to a room full of their own friends and family.

    14. How do you encourage guests to dance?

      Some DJs will teach instructional dances (think Cupid Shuffle), while others would never do such a thing. Get a good feel for whether he/she prefers using the mic, good music selections, or both for getting the crowd up on the dance floor before making your decision.

    15. What’s your song selection process? Do you use a set “wedding music” list?

      Your DJ should be willing to put together custom song lists created especially for you based on your preferences and the vibe of your wedding. These lists might be labeled “cocktail hour”, “dinner”, and “dancing” and include more songs than you’d have time to play. This is great if you’d like to approve a pool of songs ahead of time and leave the actual day-of picks to the pro that you hired. It’s like cake tastings, but for your music.. music tastings. I seriously might’ve just coined a new term..


    We are a Fort Wayne, IN wedding DJ company that started in 2009. When you work with EMS DJ you will meet your Fort Wayne Dj which will be me (Eric Smith), Jason Flemming, or Clint Davis. We are a wedding team that do over 100+ weddings a year in Fort Wayne, IN, 30+ corporate and holiday parties in Fort Wayne, IN, and 40+ school dances (high school dance, middle school dance, and elementary school dance) in Fort Wayne, IN. You meet with your DJ to ensure we make the right fit with the client. At EMS DJ, a Fort Wayne DJ weddings we work with many vendors that are valued in the community and highly recognized! Set up your appointment for your wedding dj by contact EMS DJ at (260) 460-7546 or contacting us today. We look forward to being your Fort Wayne DJ! You can receive a quote today from EMS Disc Jockey a Fort Wayne, IN wedding disc jockey.

  • Ceremony or Reception at Fort Wayne's Botanical Conservatory?

    Ceremony or Reception at Fort Wayne's Botanical Conservatory?

    Congratulations on reserving the Botanical Conservatory for your Ceremony or Reception venue! The Botanical Conservatory is an amazing place with beautiful flowers, occasional butterfly exhibit, excellent outside venue with Tents, public restrooms close, and close parking.

    EMS DJ has provided entertainment for many brides at the Fort Wayne's beautify Botanical Conservatory. To ensure you have the best experience and no surprises we wanted to give you questions to look at when planning your event.

    1. Botanical Conservatory located in beautiful downtown Fort Wayne can be an outdoor venue or indoor venue depending on weather circumstances. Of course many individuals reserve the Botanical Conservatory for their outdoor venue view.
      1. Botanical Conservatory offers the option to be inside or outside depending on weather. When weather is good you have them submit your chairs and tables outside, but if your unsure you have them set the tables and chairs inside. This can be a tricky question because set up and tear down is only done once. The day of you need to make a decision good or bad. Many individuals try to hold out and wait, but this is not good because it brings stress on YOU! Pick your answer and rock with it, make your life a lot easier!
    2. Time, Time, and More Time
      1. This is a tricky one with the Botanical Conservatory. Botanical Conservatory ask you for the official event times, but in their contract it says the music must shut down 1/2 hour prior to the end time (not sure why), but it does. So example: if your event time are from 6 to 11 p.m. tell the Botanical Conservatory it is from 6 to 11:30 p.m. This means the music will have to shut down at 11:00 p.m. EMS DJ and other vendors know that we have to be out by 12 a.m. per the Botanical Guidelines. We have seen so many times that their event is cut 1/2 hour short because of this and unfortunately we have to abide by the guidelines.
    3. Layout:
      1. Layout is huge at Botanical Conservatory! We have done many weddings with a Ceremony followed by a Reception and individuals carried their chairs over. We have done set up where the dancing was done under the tent and some where it was done by the water fountain, but whatever the case may be all layouts work!
      2. Dance Floor, should I rent one?
        1. This is a great question, but yes you can rent a dance floor! We have worked with our friends at Summit City Rental on their dance floors multiple times!
      3. Ceremony where the guest are at their tables
        1. If you find yourself wanting to get married under the tent that is no problem! Many individuals have their ceremony under the tent and have their guest staying at their tables.
    4. Chairs
      1. I do not like the White Samsonite Chairs and would like to get my own chairs? Can you put chair covers on or change out chairs?
        1. Our friends at Summit City Rental have brought in their White Padded Chairs and Clear Chivari Chairs.

    These are just a few questions you want to think about when having your event at the Botanical Conservatory! This is a wonderful place to have an outdoor wedding and has the possibility to have an indoor in case of rain.

    Most of all have fun at your RECEPTION!

    EMS DJ

    EMS DJ is a Fort Wayne Wedding DJ that has performed in Fort Wayne, IN. We have been at Cerutis Catering, Goegleins, Wedding Dreams by Linda, and many more places!

  • Fort Wayne Wedding DJ

    EMS Disc Jockey is the premiere Fort Wayne Wedding DJ in the Fort Wayne, IN area. We work with our clients by having personal 1 on 1 meetings to ensure every detail is met! We create a detailed itearnary of all the important events and songs. Our Ultimate Show set up is consisted of LED Lights, Up Lights, Professional Sound System with 2 12" powerful speakers, and wireless microphone. During open dance our set up will be the high life of the party!

  • Fort Wayne Wedding DJ //EMS DJ

    EMS DJ //Fort Wayne Wedding DJ

    EMS Disc Jockey is the premiere Fort Wayne Wedding DJ and Wedding DJ in Fort Wayne. Below is a video of our set up and photos of set ups. Every set up is custom!

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